Commercial management solutions for wine Producers and Merchants

Business solution

Integrated key functions for your business

Intuitive tool

A graphical interface, intuitive navigation and customizable menus

Quick deployment

A pre-parameterization design for quick implementation

Competitive price

An excellent functional coverage / price ratio


Multi-purpose sales and purchasing process

  • Quotations, commitments, futures, orders, invoices
  • Sales circuit: National, export, warehouse
  • Multi-tarif, multi-deposit, multi-currency
  • Purchase of wines, dry products and services
  • Billing and collection fees
  • Holding brokerage

Wine futures sales and purchases

  • Wine futures bookings
  • Instructions relating to orders, sizes, customer communications
  • Transfer of deposits

Optimized inventory management

  • Multi-level product management: bulk-shiners-labelling
  • Management of wines, spirits, offers
  • Consultation of actual and forecasted inventories
  • Traceability of stock movements
  • Calculation of inventory to date
  • Valuation of the physical and book inventory to date and cost price
  • Establishing commercial cost price with distribution costs
  • Link to material accounting & control of excise movements software iDRegie+

Logistics control

  • Breakdown of deliveries
  • Exchange with EMCS Gamm@ via iDGamm@ software in DTI + or EDI mode
  • Transfer of shipping data to certain carriers
  • Traceability of product batches

Data exportation

  • Pop-up menu for exporting data to: Excel, Word, XML
  • Export of commercial documents by e-mail
  • Export of inventory data and parts history to Excel
  • Exporting data to BI: iDReporting

Administrative traceability

  • Multi-criteria consultation by customer of outstanding amounts and invoices
  • Traceability of the invoice to its origin
  • Traceability of the cost price calculation


Direct / Cellar door sales

  • Online and offline modes
  • Touchscreen

Optimized logistics

  • Order preparation planning
  • Proposal of a special “logistics” menu, simple, user-friendly 


Inter-company exchanges

  • Automatic generation of purchases and sales from one entity to another

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